um almoço especial. regado a vinho do Porto e aconchegado com bolo de courgete e gengibre.

hoje, terça-feira tive tempo para ler isto aqui:

"Mooji left for Poland by train a few days ago. Everyone present on the land drove to the train station to see him off. While Mooji was standing at the edge of the platform with his back facing the tracks, with everyone gathered around, and someone asked for some words before he boarded the train. What follows is Mooji’s response.

Mooji: I don’t have to be anything, not even myself. Who understands this? It’s clear enough, isn’t it?
I don’t have to be anything, not even myself… I don’t even have to be myself! I think that’s as good as it gets, isn’t it? You asked for it, and it came out like that. I’ve never said this before. Your question has brought it out of me in this way, for your own self.
I have never been anything other than what I am, except now I know that. I have never been anything other than what I am, except now, I know that! More than this you want?
I have never been more or less than what I am, but now I know that.
I cannot separate or leave you, because I am the very one who will watch me leave. [Laughter]. And, as I said before, ‘eternal’ doesn’t mean ‘endless time’, it means ‘timeless’. If I am you, can you watch me leave? I am the one dwelling inside my own Heart.
I think it’s enough, what more to say? [Laughter]
If I see you as ‘you’, I insult myself. If I see you more as ‘you’ than as ‘I’, I insult myself, which I cannot do. Every object, each day, each moment arises in the light that shines out of my own Self. [Long pause].

Q: Can you say more?
Mooji: What was the first thing I said to you?
Q: I don’t have to be anything, not even myself.
Mooji: I think if you keep only one of these statements, this one is enough, isn’t it? “I don’t have to be anything, not even myself.” Very good. You can call it, ‘speaking with my Self’, or ’talking to my Self’ [Laughter].
If it wasn’t to perceive myself as you, as the taste of ‘you’, knowing my own inseparable Self, I wouldn’t be here. But, you have to see these things and know them in your own Heart, like you are speaking these words. You are speaking! But you want to hear yourself speak them as me, as Mooji [Laughter].
The first statement is good enough. No more needs to be said."

quero ouvir-me através deste ser.

São ainda melhores quando não os procuramos. Quando nem queremos ir almoçar fora. Ou quando não acreditamos que há cozinha vegetariana boa sem ser em nossa casa.  Não vou dizer onde fica. porque é bem melhor se for encontrado. bem... mas se quiserem mesmo saber... eu até posso dizer.
o shiatsu não se descreve nem se fotografa. sente-se.